Our Dental Handpiece Repair Services

When you choose Handpiece Solutions, you’ll be able to take advantage of speedy repairs, reasonable prices, and high-quality work. Take a look at our full catalog of dental handpiece repair offerings below!

High-Speed Handpiece Repair

When your high-speed handpiece stops working, typically, it’s because the turbine bearings are shot and need replacement. Our turbine rebuild is a more cost-effective solution to sourcing the parts and replacing the entire turbine every time. After a thorough cleaning, we install new bearings and O-rings, calibrate your handpiece, test it to make sure it’s working, and then return it straight to your door running good as new!

Additionally, we provide a variety of other repairs for your high-speed handpieces including, but not limited to:

  • Autochuck Repair
  • Push Button & Standard Canister Repair
  • Fiber Optic Replacement
  • KaVo Cellular Optic Replacement
  • Star Body Shell Service
  • Air/Water Line Clearing, Minor Service
  • Internal Air/Water Line Replacement

Low-Speed Handpiece Repair

We’re your low-speed handpiece repair experts and can provide quality service at reasonable rates. Whether you need a low-speed motor overhaul, an angle rebuild, or a rotor replacement, you can count on our expert repair team to provide the services you need to get back to work efficiently.

Our Motor Overhauls Include:

  • Star Titan II & III
  • Midwest Tru Torc I & II
  • Midwest Shorty I & II
  • Midwest Rhino, RDH
  • Champion Little Guy
  • Nose Cones
  • Micromite
  • Lynx Motors
  • Micro Motors
  • KaVo Motors
  • Motor Rethreads

Electric Handpiece Repair

Electric speed-increasing attachments tend to operate closer to a low-speed gear angle than a high-speed air turbine. This means that the power is transferred to the head of the instrument through a series of gears. Once your attachment starts to heat up, it is pertinent that you send it in for service immediately. Failure to do so could result in patient injury and greater damage to the gears and drive train components, resulting in a more costly repair down the line.

Our team will determine whether we can repair it in-house or if an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) factory overhaul is needed.

Surgical Handpiece Repair

After years of providing high-quality repairs to dental professionals, Handpiece Solutions proudly extends our services to all office-based medical/dental professionals and surgical facilities. We now offer comprehensive repair services for all powered surgical instruments!

Through computer-aided design and in-house engineering, our repair team is able to meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications in all aspects of instrument repair. We do all this while providing significant savings to you and your practice. We can repair items such as:

  • Drills
  • Cords
  • Handpieces
  • Footswitches
  • Saws
  • Cables
  • Hoses

Tool Sharpening

In addition to our professional dental repair services, we can also perform dental and surgical tool sharpening. When your tools have started to get dull, and you need the sharpest tools to effectively do your job, contact us to get your instruments the sharpest they’ve ever been. Fill out our tool sharpening order form, and we’ll have you working like a pro in no time.